Dedicated to providing the highest standard of service for all construction projects and commercial snow removal needs. Our team of professionals specialize in all aspects of excavation, septic system installation, demolition and snow removal in the Ottawa area.


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35 Years of Expert Experience in Excavation Services.

We pride ourselves on continuing to deliver our customers the best possible service, high level of safety, integrity and mechanical aptitude needed to ensure our customers receive quality, cost-effective workmanship from project execution to completion. Quast Excavating has more than 35 years of success built on the foundation of 100% customer satisfaction.


All residential needs including demolition, land clearing, foundations, installation of sewer, water and storm drains, as well as sump pump lines.

Septic Systems

Qualified and registered expert septic system installations and repairs on existing systems. Professional installer with registered BCIN.

Snow Removal

Fast and reliable commercial season-long snow removal in the Ottawa area that includes snow plowing, removal and salting.

The Trusted Team of Professionals.

With more than 35 years of success built on the foundation of 100% customer satisfaction, we have proudly nurtured, grown and maintained our reputation as being an exceptional provider of excavation, septic system installation and snow removal services in Ottawa.

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