Septic Systems

When it comes to septic system installation and repair, we install a range of septic tanks as well as conduct repairs on existing septic systems. For septic system emergencies, we offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service. The different types of septic systems we can install and repair include:

  • plastic septic tanks
  • fiberglass septic tanks
  • aerator septic tanks
  • concrete septic tanks

How does a septic system work? 

A septic system is composed of three major components: a septic tank, a distribution system and a leaching bed. The septic tank is a large tank constructed from a waterproof material such as plastic or coated steel, and it is composed of two compartments, with an access port for inspection and maintenance purposes. Inside the septic tank, the waste from your household pipes is broken up into three layers: heavy materials, which sink to the bottom as sludge, liquids with suspended solids in the middle, and at the top a scum layer of light soaps, greases, fats and other such substances. As long as the system is functioning properly and is maintained properly, only the liquid components (the effluent) will flow out of the tank into the distribution system.

The distribution system is composed of a number of pipes which will, either by gravity or an electric pump, evenly distribute the effluent from the tank to the leaching bed. The leaching bed is normally composed of a series of underground pipes surrounded by filters like gravel and stones. The gravel and stones work as a filtration system with oxygen and the soil to break down any solid waste or other particles as the water travels down through the soil system to enter the water table. In a properly functioning and effectively designed system, the water will be completely purified by the time it reaches the water table.